What is purified?


Purified was originally a 48 hour gamejam game, it's now 2 years in development and counting with graphics and gameplay being updated continuously.
It's developed by me, Joachim Häggström.
With a soundtrack composed by Brian Czernikowski.

The game is a third person horde shooter and is played in small arenas against an increasing number of enemies. The goal is to survive the most waves.
A story/free roam mode is planned as well as more enemies and arenas.


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The game is best described as a blend between Dark Souls and Gears of War with some old-school DOOM influences.
It's a relentless shooter with swarms upon swarms of Demons and Monsters and your best friend is the dodge button.
A session takes about 10 minutes if you're lucky.
And each session has a number of bosses or boss monster encounters.
For each enemy you strike down you gain Soulshards, and using the Soulshards you can upgrade your weapons and how effective they are during combat.

Ingame screens

Boss encounters





Hey! My name is Joachim Häggström, I'm 22 years old and I'm currently residing in Landskrona Sweden.
I'm working at UltraUltra in Denmark as an Enviroment/Shader artist.
Purified is just a side project and kind of a portfolio piece I suppose.
The point is it's just for fun!

Please send me a message at